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Pro 70

Your smart assistant for oral care. The LCD screen displays all the necessary information: water temperature, water salinity, operating mode and time, battery level.


The greatest amount of pulsation, more than 6000 per minute. LCD display will show basic information.

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home dental center Pro 50

Dentalpik Home Center Pro 50 is a complete oral care system developed by NDCG with the support of dentists for excellent cleanliness, gum care, to give the teeth a natural whiteness and fresh breath.

sonic Toothbrush pro 10

Sonic toothbrush Dentalpik Pro 10 is a stylish and effective sonic toothbrush with an irrigative effect and an innovative, non-contact charger in the form of a glass.

dentalpik pro 40

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dentalpik easy clean

Easy to use, ideal for flushing the nose and interdental spaces. No need to charge.

orthodontic wax

Natural wax. Helps when wearing braces.

dental mirror

Dentalpik dental mirror with anti-fog coating and LED backlight will allow you to look into the most inaccessible places of the cavity of your mouth.

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